Watertronics Pump Stations

Watertronics is a leader in the manufacturing and servicing of agricultural, sports turf, landscape and golf course irrigation pumping systems as well as municipal potable water pumping systems. They are also a leader in the design and control innovation offering a complete integrated pump station that helps you maintain consistent water delivery from river stations, irrigation reservoirs, canals and lagoons. Key features include:
-Each pump station is engineered to your needs and field conditions
- Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) pumps ensure optimum pressure regulation for energy efficiency
- Electronic Butterfly Valve (EBV) regulates pressure and prevents pump overload
- Virtual Vision III 's  touch screen control requires no special instructions to memorize, it looks and feels like Windows software. Also, read outs are in English or Metric units
- Add the WaterVision remote monitoring and control software, and you have easy to use remote technology that saves you time and money, no need to physically go check the pump station
- Option of fertigation equipment with control logic fully integrated into the pump station controls for easy set-up, calibration, monitoring and control.

Zimmatic Controls

GrowSmart - Technology That Thinks Like You
Zimmatic systems employ GrowSmart technology control products. Managing your fields has never been easier or more profitable. GrowSmart helps your irrigation system work harder for you, no matter which brand is in your fields. It's technology that thinks like you, so you can save time, water, energy and labor now and into the future. Whether you are irrigating, chemigating or fertigating your field/crop, GrowSmart products allow you to be in full control.
Grow smart Remote Control
The award winning FieldNET system, the industry's first completely web based irrigation management system with full remote control and programmability. A FieldNET network gives you the power to manage all of your pivots at your convenience - no matter where you are.
Growsmart Controllers
GrowSmart has a full line of controllers including computer panels, electro-mechanical or the new GPS Controller. These controllers feature easy to understand user interfaces and programming flexibility with the capability for remote control and monitoring.

Design Options

From tire sizes to sprinkler packages, Zimmatic center pivots come equipped with the specific options you need for the most efficient use of your water and time.

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Center Pivots
Zimmatic® center pivots provide farmers worldwide with the best quality, highest performing irrigation systems. Year after year, these systems prove themselves in varying types of terrain, cropping situations and irrigation requirements. This is because of our dedication to service and unique design features including:

GrowSmart Control Technology

Zimmatic offers a complete line of advanced GrowSmart irrigation control systems that utilize the most up-to-date computer technology. These systems allow you to remotely program and monitor pivot operation more efficiently, saving you time, labor, water, energy, chemicals and money.

MAXfield Custom Corner

Why the MAXfield Custom Corner is the "acre maker
A MAXfield Custom Corner system can minimize acres lost to obstacles such as buildings as well as to irregular borders along ditches and streams.  When you use a MAXfield corner system to "square up" a standard 160-acre quarter section (65 ha) you will typically gain about 23 acres (9 ha). You can gain up to 51 acres (20 ha) where the MAXfield system can swing out to pick up both ends of a 240-acre (97-ha) rectangular field.  MAXfield's durable High-flow joint eliminates the external hoses found on other types of corners. This design greatly reduces the chance of leakage resulting in reduced water friction loss and lower pumping costs. The rugged "H" frame assures robust operation in challenging terrain. Corner reliability is further enhanced by the aggressive steering capability of the steerable tower with wheels which can turn as much as 90°. While the heavy-duty gearbox and variable-speed motor allow the corner arm to move continuously and provides fast speeds for Chemigation and frequent water applications.

Superior Structure

The superior construction of our pivot points, support structure and towers provide you the stability where it counts the most. Zimmatic's pivot structural designs include some industry-leading features including our exclusive Uni-Knuckle connector, exclusive split coupler, exclucive formed outlet to eliminate leaking and rust and external collector ring that eliminates water flow restriction. Every component is designed for peak reliability, performance and efficiency.

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Lateral Move Systems

The design of Zimmatic's® lateral move systems allow farmers to irrigate up to 98 percent of a square or rectangular fields, as well as handle "L-shaped" fields. With a choice of water supply and guidance systems, each lateral move system can be customized to individual needs and situations.

The GEOlateral is a pivoting lateral that combines the ease of pivot irrigation with the coverage of lateral systems. It is ideal for converting wheel-line or flood irrigation systems to a more efficient form of irrigation.


​​​Zimmatic drivetrain technology continues to set all industry standards for efficiency and longevity. Our center drive and gearbox designs save energy costs while extending the life of the drivetrain. With the high efficiency features of drivetrain design, it's easy to see why our center drives have logged more than 500 million hours of operation.

Mobile Pivot Systems

Zimmatic® mobile pivots allow growers to bring more acres into production while spreading equipment costs over separate fields. Farmers to irrigate from ten acres up to a full quarter section (4.5 to 65 hectares) and then quickly move to a new location with minimum time and labor. Each mobile pivot--whether a two-, three- or four-wheel design--uses the same heavy-duty drive, collector ring, alignment and structural components found in our fixed pivots and are specially reinforced to handle the stress of movement over uneven terrain. Each system is easily adapted to any towing situation because the hubs on the Zimmatic towable towers swivel 90 degrees.
-Spread your investment over as many acres as possible
-Save time and labor when compared to solid-set or traveling gun systems
-Apply water to dryland fields to increase yield where a dedicated system may not initially be considered

Versatile for use in fields up to a quarter section, the Zimmatic three-wheel mobile is designed so its wheels can be easily swiveled into towing position through a four-step procedure:
-Use the tractor or manual jack to lift the pivot's wheels slightly off the ground
-Remove cotter pin in each axle and swivel wheels 90 degrees
-Hitch tow bar to tractor
-Disconnect pipeline and tow to next location

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